Investment Opportunities


Building Relationships For Life, One Investor At A Time

When investing in any project, you should feel secure that your business relationships are built on integrity. That’s why Revco concentrates on locating sound investment opportunities and uses solid capital management principles…. because the return on your investment is what’s most important.

Ask yourself these questions when facing an investment decision:

  • Does the business plan make sense?
  • Is the return on the investment worth pursuing?
  • Are the owners/ sponsors experienced and have a track record?
  • Do the owner / sponsor have dollars at risk in the deal?
  • Do I, the investor, get my money on a priority basis before the owners/ sponsor?
  • Is the management team experienced and able to execute?
  • Is there collateral or security in the deal?
  • Is there an exit strategy ?

The answer should be yes to all of the above. And when investing with Revco, it is.

At Revco, we pride ourselves on being accountable bottom-line managers and focus on these basic business principles:

  • Putting the investor first
  • Finding bona fide deals or opportunities
  • Implementing sound and innovative investment structures
  • Securing a strong management team
  • Executing all aspects of investment management with a distinctly qualified team of professional experts
  • Adhering to proven, solid business strategies
  • Establishing defined exit strategies

Using these fundamental business principals has repeatedly achieved positive returns for our partners and investors.

New investment partnerships are being formed all the time. Contact us today to learn more about current and upcoming opportunities.

EXPERIENCE, in every aspect of Real Estate. We earned our experience, our management has over the last Three Decades, acquired and developed over $600,000,000 of residential, commercial and industrial property.